Reliability and Efficiency

Solar water pumps in Sioux Falls, SD

Do you need reliable, affordable water for your livestock and crops? Sick of paying for grid power? We can help. Chase Drilling Inc provides solar power drilling services in Sioux Falls, SD and surrounding areas. Chase Drilling has partnered with LORENTZ. LORENTZ has been leading the industry since 1993 in the designer and manufacture of solar powered water pumping solutions.

Whether you need to cut down on water costs or you live in a rural area without access to grid power, a solar water pump is the best solution. We install Lorentz solar water pump systems on properties all over the area. The LORENTZ pumps focus on three pillars.
1. High efficiency, high reliability pumps
2. Brushless and senorless drivers for high efficiency and long life
3. Optimized solar capture where we track the sun to achieve higher and extended PV output
Solar water pumps can be installed anywhere, and they provide safe, reliable water at an affordable price. Harness the power of the sun and use it to power your water pump. You can count on us to do the drilling, then install your water pump and solar equipment. Call 605-350-3037 now to learn more about our solar power drilling services.

4 key benefits of solar water pumps

Trust Chase Drilling to install your solar water pump in or around Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Solar pumps are ideal for those who need dependable drinking water

The Lorentz solar water pumps we install:

  1. Produce more water with less power consumption than other systems
  2. Cost less to operate than paying for grid power or running generators
  3. Provide above-ground access to all of their controls
  4. Give you a consistent supply of safe water, anywhere you need it

Reach out to us today to schedule solar power drilling services. We'll make sure your crops and livestock get all the water they need.

Remote Communication

Remote Communication

Monitor your pumps from anywhere

LORENTZ offers PS Communicator and pumpManager service. This is crucial for areas that water is utilized for people, livestock, or crops. The pumpManager can be accessed through anywhere in the world, providing the information and control of solar pumps in the palm of your hand. The pumps can be programmed, speed controlled, or switched off, which makes this feature easy and convenient. The PS Communicator is solar powered with back up battery, connects to each pump, and sends current running data.
Benefits of the PS Communicator and pumpManager:

  • Actively monitor your water critical processes and applications
  • Monitor ecactly what is happening on remote sites
  • Control the time and quantity of water thats moved by prumps
  • BE alerted when there is any unexpected events